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Kind Words from Our Clients

At Augie’s Paint & Body Ltd., we prioritise your requirements. Having been in the business for over 39 years, we understand that good customer service is vital for a successful business. We consider each one of our clients to be a part of our family. We will take care of your vehicle like it's our own. Learn what our clients have to say about our services below.

Treat You like Family

“Called into Augie's on Friday morning to see if they could help me put a bumper on a car that I purchased used and was told to pop by to get an idea of when I could bring it in and how long it would take, etc. They got me in and put my bumper on quickly that afternoon, yay! More than the service I received, I was able to see how they know most of the customers that come in and if they don't, they definitely treat you that way. When you walk in the door, the walls are covered with Thank You cards from past customers (yes, seriously). Each customer that walked through the door was treated as if they were friends or customer even said that he trusted the guys there with his life, let alone his car. I also learned that the shop had been closed the week prior as the owner had taken the entire staff on a vacation as he apparently does every year. It was so nice to see a business that operate this way...they appreciate their staff and treat each customer like family.”

- Rebecca C.

Thoughtful Communicators

“Augie’s is the best! Our car looks brand new. Kind, considerate, and thoughtful communicators, these guys know what ‘service’ really means. It means good people looking after people in a down-to-earth no-nonsense manner. Thanks Augie’s!”

- Jackie B.

Quality Work

“Honest, high quality work and amazingly helpful. Don't take your car to the place your insurance company wants you to go. Joe is a man you can trust and will help you with your insurance claim if you have any issues.”

- Jason S.

Exceptional Work

“Nick and the staff are terrific. I have used his services a few times and the work was exceptional as is the value. I never feel that I have over payed. In fact, it is the opposite and I really appreciated the options being shared with me. I would highly recommend Augie's to friends and family.”

- Kirsti J.

Great Customer Service

“Wow... I did not know it still exist nowadays... This is what I call true human beings in there. Joe has shown me that his business is not that much about making money only, but about pleasing his customers first. I almost wish that I would have some paint repairs to do in my next car and will have to deal with them again. Amazing! So happy that I know this place now!”

- Sylvie J.

Honest Work

“This is the best shop in Calgary! Good prices, honest work, quick repairs! Joe is very respectful and fair in everything he does. I drive a sports car and I fully trust him with it. Thanks for all the work you have done on my car guys!”

- Jon K.

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